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2020 Costa Rica Mission Trip

On March 9th, 28 volunteers associated with Funeral Directors Life, descended on Liberia, Costa Rica, for a week-long mission trip.  The mission?  Building two homes for two families, and accomplishing this in just three days!


“This was such an amazing experience,” said Heather Guitar, participant with the FD team. “We came together as a team to accomplish a single cause; to be the hands and feet of Christ to these families. We started as strangers, but we left as friends, forever bonded together by the love that was poured out on these families and this community.”


“I’m so glad I made the time to come. To work alongside the families and be a part of making their lives better – it was an awesome experience!” said Alvino Sanchez, a participant on the FD team.


The trip was made possible because of generous volunteers and the financial support of Directors Foundation – the giving arm of Funeral Directors Life.  Vital Seed Ministries, WYAM & Homes of Hope joined together to make the build possible.


The two families were overwhelmed and overjoyed at their new homes. The Bustos family, made up of Jessica, a single mom, and her two children, received one of the homes.  Jessica said, “I never thought this would be possible. I’m overwhelmed.” The other home was built for the Espinoza family, consisting of a mother & father, and their three children.


“There were so many highlights of this week-long trip.  Of course, working for something bigger than you is just an incredible experience and knowing it’s nothing you did, but the work of God through you, is really humbling.  Then, you add in 28 volunteers that all got along and helped each other, the laughs on the bus rides to and from the work site, the many missionaries we had the privilege to work with and really get to know, the yummy and unique food we ate, the play day of water rafting, ziplining, and sailing; it was a memorable experience on so many levels!” said Nadene Smith, trip coordinator.


The result? The lives of two families are forever changed. A community in Liberia, Costa Rica, witnessed the light in the darkness, and a seed was planted that will in time bear much fruit, both now and in Heaven. We are already looking forward to new rewarding opportunities to serve others in the coming years!

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