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Costa Rica Mission Trip

July 2023, a dedicated team of 31 volunteers embarked on an extraordinary week-long journey. Their objective was clear: to create lasting, meaningful change by providing two deserving families with brand-new homes. These weren’t just any homes; they were sturdy structures, built from the ground up with robust concrete foundations. They were designed to withstand the harshest of elements, from torrential rains to strong winds, thanks to the inclusion of robust roofs. Beyond the structural resilience, these homes were fully furnished, with comfortable beds, well-equipped kitchens, soft bathroom towels, and charming finishing touches like curtains.

The volunteers didn’t just show up; they poured their hearts and souls into the project. Their hard work and unwavering dedication successfully altered the course of these two families’ lives. By building these homes, they breathed hope and dignity into the lives of these families, giving them a place they can truly call their own. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and compassion. Together, we proudly declare, ‘To God be the Glory,’ for all the incredible achievements, both in the physical realm of construction and the profound transformation in the hearts of everyone involved in this remarkable journey.

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Cabo Mission Trip

Build two homes in three days? It sounds impossible. Not for the volunteers of the 2022 Cabo Incentive Trip.


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Costa Rica Mission Trip

We are changing lives….one family at a time!

In July, a group of 31 committed volunteers embarked on a week-long adventure.  The goal – Have fun while blessing 2 separate families with a home they could call their own.  Homes built from the ground up that were built on concrete slabs.  Homes that were secure from the harsh weather such as torrential rains and wind because for the first time, roofs were a part of the structure.  And, homes that were decked out with furniture like beds, and kitchen cooking utensils, bathroom towels, and beautiful finishing touches like curtains.  The volunteers showed up, worked hard, and accomplished the mission of changing the trajectory of these two family’s lives. They gave them hope and dignity through the home builds.  These families now have a physical structure to call their own! In agreement, we all say; “To God be the Glory” for all that was accomplished in physical builds, and people’s hearts of all involved in the trip.

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2021 Costa Rica Mission Trip

33 volunteers, 3 days, 2 mission partners = 2 families’ lives changed forever!


Read More About Mission Trip 2021

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2020 Costa Rica Mission Trip

What do you get when you fly 4 hours with 28 volunteers ready to “sweat for the cause”?


Costa Rica Mission Trip

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2019 San José del Cabo, Mexico

In March 2019, Directors Foundation hosted a mission trip to San José del Cabo, Mexico. The goal: to build homes for two young families. Before 100+ volunteers arrived for the 3-day home build, the families lived in primitive structures with dirt floors and no running water. Before our arrival, a local group, Cabo Rolls, poured the concrete foundations and helped Vital Seed Ministries and Youth With a Mission prepare the area so we could get started right away.

Made of styrofoam blocks and concrete, the new homes are built to withstand a large hurricane! We dubbed them the “Lego Houses” of Mexico!

In 2 Corinthians 5, Jesus said, “We now live in earthly tents (our bodies, our physical homes) but they will be destroyed. And, we have a building from God, an eternal house, not built by human hands.” God gives us the gift of belonging and provides a heavenly home to all who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And thanks be to God, the two families we served in Mexico are now a part of His family. They now have an earthly home and a heavenly home!

It was humbling to be a part of this mission trip, and the outcomes were over-the-top incredible!

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Dominican Republic Mission Trip

An incredible partnership took place in April when Vital Seeds Ministry, Youth with a Mission (Homes of Hope), and Funeral Directors Life partnered together to build a home for the Luciano family in 2 ½ days! The Luciano’s are raising seven boys, and our gift will impact them for decades and generations of their family.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip
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Costa Rica - Costa Rica Impacto

Building a home from start to finish in 2 1/2 days would not have been possible if not for the support and help of FDLIC, Vital Seeds Ministry, and Homes of Hope. Over 100 volunteers joined together to build a home for 6 people and provide an opportunity of eternal life for a neighborhood. The project was incredibly impactful for volunteers and this Costa Rica neighborhood; especially the family.

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FDLIC partnered with Back 2 Back Ministries and Mission House Partners in 2016 to provide several mission opportunities over an 8 hour time period. Over 80 individuals and families volunteered their time to help the people in Mexico.

Several projects were:

  • Helping build a church in a poor residential area
  • Praying for shut-ins
  • Organizing a neighborhood block party for numerous children
  • Helping church families repair and renovate their homes
  • Present the gospel to hurting people

An overall theme to those that participated was an overwhelming gratitude for the opportunity to see first-hand the poverty of people (both spiritually and physically) and then to be a part of offering solutions in people’s lives.

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ARUBA - Planting Seeds of Hope

Sixty-five volunteers joined together from various states in the USA to help the Imeldahof Children’s Home in Aruba in 2015. The home provides temporary care for children who are unable to remain in their current living conditions because of abuse, neglect, or absent parents. The volunteers that worked on the project built a Greenhouse, completed landscaping projects, helped clean the grounds of the compound, and spent time with the students in an afternoon fun time. This opportunity was made possible due to the partnership of FDLIC and Aruba Marriott Resort.

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